Fake Friend

"Fake Friend" is an upbeat twist on a classic trope: saying goodbye to the fake people in your life. VERAH's jazz and bossa nova influence beats through this fun, rhythmic, tongue and cheek song, all about ending the game that is this fake friendship. Whether you sing this song about your ex turned friend or friend turned enemy, you’re sure to wanna sing along.

Not Yet

“Not Yet” is all about anticipation – from the first synthesizer chords to VERAH’s whispering entrance, each bar promises a new temptation. Mirroring its production, “Not Yet” is all about the suspense of an almost relationship. With her signature dulcet tone, VERAH sings of the tease of a new romance and the promised rewards that are yet to come. 


VERAH’s newest single, “Regal”, demands to be listened to, hooking the audience with its enthralling chords and powerful vocals. The premise of the song came to her as she recalled being labeled “intimidating” and “loud” as a girl because of her ambitions and opinions. VERAH hopes this song will remind young women that they don’t have to conform to molds made by others.

Too late (it's Not Easy)

"Too Late (It's Not Easy)" features the smooth R&B vocals of VERAH as she sings about love gone wrong over a deep, groovin' beat. Her sixth single to date, the song explores the duality of knowing you deserve better but hurting at the same time. 

Nice Guys 

VERAH's fiercest song to date, "Nice Guys" hits back at all the men who claim to be nice when, in fact, their 'kindness' is entirely performative. Warning young women that nice guys "ain't really that nice," VERAH's captivating voice washes over a deep, pulsing bass line sure to grip the listener. 

You don't Need to Know

Created in collaboration with producer and musician Gavin Cooley, "You Don't Need to Know" explores the seductive appeal born from stolen glances and simmering tension. Dive into VERAH's third single and let the smooth melody and crooning brass take you away.

Gotta Keep Movin'

VERAH's second single, “Gotta Keep Movin’”, reflects on the feelings we experience after a breakup, and specifically, the duality of those feelings. The song was directly based on her experience coming out of a breakup, and the feelings of mourning combined with a certainty that the relationship had run its course. 

Out with the Old

Released in the height of the pandemic, VERAH's first single was a culmination of her feelings of cabin fever combined with the struggles of a romance passed. "Out with the Old" utilizes minimal production, relying instead on VERAH's raw emotion and vocal prowess.